Develop Songket Fabric with Denpasar Hallmark

Creative ideas expressed by Chairwoman of the National Handicraft Council (Dekranasda) of Denpasar, Mrs. Ida Ayu Selly Darmawijaya Mantra deserve to get appreciation associated with the development of endek fabric in Denpasar. Due to her idea, the development of endek fabric takes place more rapidly, especially with the presence of endek embroidery becoming the characteristic of Denpasar.

Having reaped a great success with the endek fabric, now the wife of number one man in Denpasar will be back to make another breakthrough in the textiles sphere in Denpasar. This time, she will develop the songket cloth with Denpasar distinctive style. “We are going to launch the songket fabric of Denpasar coinciding with the implementation of Denpasar Festival opened on Wednesday (Dec 28),” she said.

The songket launched would be different from other kinds of songket, especially in terms of size. During this time, the songket produced in Bali always had connections, while that of Denpasar would have no connections. “This is what distinguishes it from other songket variants, aside from the more diverse motifs later on,” said Selly Mantra.

Associated with the hallmark of Denpasar on the songket fabric, her party would entirely entrust to each craftsman to express their creative ideas, especially for the motifs. Generally speaking, the motif of songket was not much different from the other regions. “For a slightly different, we will possibly show off the songket with the motif of gardenia as the mascot of Denpasar,” she said. (BTN/kmb)

source : bali travel news

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