Taking it on the Nose

Bali Taxi Driver Faces Possible 8 Month Jail Sentence for Assaulting Russian Tourist
The State News Agency Antara reports that a taxi driver in Bali, Budiyanto, has heard prosecutors demand 8 months in prison for attacking and assaulting Russian tourist Ponomarenko Oksana on July 11, 2014 in Kuta, Bali.

During the continuing trial, prosecutors have related how Ponomarenko Oksana boarded a taxi on that date at 1:30 am in front of the Bounty Bar in Legian destined for the Hotel Mulia Nusa Dua.

The Russian complained that the driver was taking an unnecessarily circuitous route to The Mulia and demanded that the driver take a more direct route. The taxi driver claimed he was on a one-way street and unable to reverse directions as requested by his Russian passenger, prompting Oksana to demand the car stop so he could immediately disembark.

At a location in front of the Hotel Anggrek Kuta the taxi driver allegedly struck the Russian, causing the tourist’s nose to bleed. Ponomarenko Oksana subsequently reported the assault to the South Kuta Police Precinct. A visit to a nearby hospital confirmed the cuts and contusions to the man’s face resulted from being struck by the taxi driver.

source : bali discovery tours

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