Courting the Chinese Market

Garuda CEO Outlines Steps in Place to Grow the Chinese Market
Garuda Indonesia has its sights set on the Chinese market, committed to aggressively pursuing a larger share of the estimated 100 million Chinese tourists who take a trip each year. Quoted by the CEO of Garuda, Emirsyah Satar, said, “China has always been a best market for Garuda. China is the country with the largest economy with many Chinese nationals traveling abroad.”

Garuda’s marketers estimated that 100 million Chinese take a holiday abroad every year. From that total, only about 1 million come to Indonesia. Satar said that Garuda has devised strategies to secure more Chinese holiday passengers.

Among those strategies used by Garuda is participation in a number of travel fairs in various Chinese cities as well as cooperation with influential travel bloggers in China who share with their readers’ stories about the friendliness and variety of travel experiences available in Indonesia.

The blogger has also been telling Chinese readers that Garuda recently won the accolade of “The Best Cabin Staff” from SkyTrax. Satar continued, “We are also providing Chinese drinks and food, Chinese movies, Western film with English subtitles and Mandarin language magazines.” In addition, Garuda has two cabin crew from China on every flight to and from China.

Garuda Indonesia serves routes between Beijing and Bali, Beijing and Jakarta, Shanghai and Jakarta, and Huang Zhou and Jakarta.

source : bali discovery tours

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