The Dark Side of Paradise

Medical Faculty Member from Bali’s Udayana University Claims Junior High Students Working as Gigolos in Kuta
As published in the Bali Post, a doctor from Udayana University’s medical faculty has painted a dark and depressing story of one of the outcomes of Bali’s current tourism boom. Dr. Oka Negara told that, in addition to concerns surrounding free sex and narcotics use among Bali’s youth, he has uncovered a new concern embodied by group of junior high school students who earn extra money by working a gigolos.

Negara says these under-aged sex-workers charge as little as Rp. 50,000 (US$4) for sexual services they offer to drunken tourists walking the back alleyways of Kuta. Describing the transaction process, Dr. Negara said the gigolos look for females leaving night spots, adding: “They ask for payment of only Rp. 50,000 from those interested in their services.

Mostly they look for drunken tourists. Usually they bring their customers to nearby beach.” The respected doctor and educator is concerned about both the immediate impact on the student’s health resulting from unprotected sex, but also on the long-term psychological impact of children aged 12-15 years engagement in the commercial sex industry.

Negara said he has patients who skip school in order to sell sexual favors. He said that the money gigolos earn is generally not used for school fees, but for frivolous shopping and self-indulgent activities. The Professor would like to gather up these young sex workers in order to educate them to the dangers of their part-time employment as prostitutes and provide much-needed sex education.

But, sadly, Negara admits that there is little interest among these young people in listening to lectures. Because of this, he hopes parents in Bali will take a more active interest in the extra-curricular activities of their children and provide basic sex education starting from the home.

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