Cementing the Island’s Mythology

Denpasar Titi Banda Monument to be Completed in November 2014
Construction continues on the Titi Banda Monument located at the three-way intersection of Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai – Kesiman Kertalanggu in East Denpasar. Those in charge of the project say that as of October 6, 2014, the project is 45% complete. Paid for from the Denpasar Municipal budget for 2014, the Rp. 5.32 billion (US$470,000) Titi Banda Monument depicts a scene from the Ramayana Epic in which an epic mythical bridge is constructed.

Rama will stand triumphantly at the center of the monument surrounded by a troop of primate soldiers – all preparing to cross the bridge to the fortress of Alengka, home to King Ravana. At its current stage of development the foundation pedestal is complete and surrounded by a troupe of 18 militant monkeys. When completed, the Bali Titi Banda Monument will stand 17.5-meters high. The entire project is targeted for completion in November 2014.

source : bali discovery tours

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