Pastika Conducts Unannounced Visit to the Elementary Students Learning on the floor

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika made unannounced visits to monitor directly the condition of the students in the Elementary School 3 in Sesetan, Denpasar, after reported studying on the floor. Pastika directly got into the classrooms used by children of class II, they studied on the mat and a small table that were brought from their home. The governor showed his disappointment and said he wanted to buy chairs and tables for those primary school students. He felt terribly sad by the fact it happened in a school that actually in the center of the capital of Bali.

Meanwhile Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra reprimanded the Principal of Elementary School 3 Sesetan, because the damaged condition of school buildings and unavailability of tables were not reported to the Department of Education. “The damage of the school building resulting students study on the floor because of the lack of coordination between the principal with the Education Office,” he said in Denpasar on Thursday.

Rai Mantra said that this condition also occurs due to a lack of communication between the principal, the teachers and school committees concerned. On that occasion, Rai Mantra reprimanded the Principal of SDN 3 Sesetan Ni Made Sari who made her own decisions and allow students to learn on the floor and expected to do communication and coordination before taking a decision because education is a very sensitive issue. “It’s just a matter of lack of communication, and starting tomorrow no more students learning on the floor,” said Rai Mantra asserted.

The mayor ordered his staff to immediately respond the case and do not make the wrong decision. Rai Mantra expected public officials to take control and report if there are issues that need to be addressed immediately. Rai Mantra said SDN 3 Sesetan already gets a budget of Special Allocation Fund (DAK), but since the rules were changed so that the DAK cannot be realized, and if it is imposed it could be implicated on legal issues. “We work within the rules and mechanisms, we have to record all and try to improve the school using local funds.

It is not because the government does not want to help, but because there are rules that must be followed as well as a lack of communication, where there is a policy which is not consulted and this is a lesson to face the curriculum of 2013, it is necessary to do further coordination, “said Rai Mantra.While Head of Education, Youth and Sports Department (Kadisdikpora) of Denpasar I Gusti Ngurah Eddy Mulya said teaching and learning in elementary school 3 Sesetan has to be done through technical agreement and the school’s principal and committee is expected to immediately coordinate with the students’ parents.

SDN 3 Sesetan Committee Chairman, Dudik Mahendra welcomed enthusiastically and gave appreciation toward quick response by the Mayor of Denpasar to resolve the problem. “We appreciated the mayor and related agencies to this school existence. All things which is still lacking in our schools hopefully can be realized soon,” he said.

source : the bali times

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