Jasri Village on the List of the 2014 Best Tourism Village

Karangasem regency, Bali now able to get up and reduce poverty through the development of the tourism sector, even Pakraman (custom village) of Jasri was able to achieve the national award of Best Tourism Village 2014. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu who visited the regency to present the award said that the event is a competition branding tourist villages in the country, with all its diversity and distinctiveness can provide experience to tourists who stay in residential areas.

Competition Tourism Village is a flagship activity of tourism since three years ago in response to the demands of the global tourist-oriented developments in terms of community empowerment. Village Tourism awards choose ten best ranked from 148 villages of 29 provinces in Indonesia and selecting 29 nominees tourist villages with a variety of criteria.

Criteria include the ability to access travel information, tourist attraction, tourist potential, the existence of attraction, social groups and as well as the economical value of the package caused by a national program of community empowerment (PNPM) of independent in tourism field.“In addition, the ability to access tourism promotion through internet as social media will give the easy and speed of tourist accommodation services,” she said.

Meanwhile Karangasem Regent I Wayan Geredeg said that he already has tourism branding that is Spiritual Tourism to support the tourism sector development policies. “In the future, the branding for spiritual tourism should be realized in the form of certain events or clear location of it,” he said. Karangasem regency has three regions and 26 tourism objects and attractions (ODTW), which has been able to grow by 6.3 percent and require adequate infrastructure.

source : the bali times

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