Bali, Where the Beach Rushes to Meet You

Little Action to Address Beach Erosion at Nusa Dua
Officials of the Badung regency have noted shore erosion taking place along the shores of Nusa Dua. However, Made Badra, the chief of Livestock, Fisheries and Oceans (Dinakanlut) for Badung claims the erosion occurring in Kuta is more severe and must be given priority by the government.

Speaking to DenPost on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Badra complained of a lack of funds to deal with erosion, calling on leaders of Bali’s tourism industry, including the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (formerly the Bali Tourism Development Corporation), to lend a hand.

Touching on plans to zone beaches in the Badung regency, Badra said that formulation of any shoreline-zoning plan would take place after a socialization process with North Kuta and Mengwi. In response, the director of operations for the ITDC, Nyoman Cakra, stated there was little his organization could do to address the worsening abrasion of Nusa Dua’s shoreline as the shoreline was under the control of the government.

Cakra did not discount a possible role for the ITDC in helping to communicate with hotel operators in Nusa Dua on how to address beach erosion. DenPost had reported earlier that the beach behind the amphitheatre at Nusa Dua has been eroded by wave action with no response from the government to ameliorate the problem.

source : bali discovery tours

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