Culinary Adventure at Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar Night Market becomes one of the centers of culinary in the city. Many kinds of foods can be found here. The market which is located on Ngurah Rai Street is always crowded by the locals and tourists. To get to the market, it only takes around 30 minutes from Denpasar. In the market, there are two shopping spots. The first one is Gianyar Market which is opened from 3 am until noon.

It mostly sells daily needs and tools for ceremony. The second one is the night market which is opened from the afternoon until late at night. It sells various kinds of food. The parking officer, Dewa Made Putra stated that when the market is opened, the seller build tents to display their foods. The customers often come at that time.

“The special part of the market is the food being sold. Most of them sell suckling pig with various kind of recipe,” he added. In addition to suckling pigs, there are also other traditional food such as chicken, fish, meat balls, satay and various kinds of vegetables. There are also traditional Balinese cookies such as pasung, klepon, kolak, laklak and pukis.

Meanwhile, the Head of Gianyar Market, I Nengah Nama Artawan said that the night market created in front of Gianyar Market gives many benefit and it also make the area well known by tourists. “The night market is developed by the government and the local in the area and has become the center of culinary,” he added.

For cleanliness and the security is handled by the government. “The number if of security officers and cleaning is already adequate. Not to mention, the police officers are always helping us out,” Artawan sad. (BTN/ocha)

source : bali travel news

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