Taman Nusa

A Tourist Attraction Presenting History of Indonesia in Bali
Gianyar County has now had a newly established tourist attraction. Known as Taman Nusa, it offers captivating scenery. It is surrounded by cliffs and lush tropical forest with the views of sea, mountains and the overlay of terraced rice fields. Meanwhile, its entrance gates are unique that will take visitors into the atmosphere of ancient time deeply exuding traditional culture and civilization. It is located on Jalan Taman Bali, Blahpane Klod hamlet, Sidan village, about 25 km east of Denpasar.

This tourist attraction offers a panorama of tropical nature of the Indonesia graced with cultural tourism, customs, traditional houses and museums to the art crafts of Indonesian society in the present and past time. President Director of the Taman Nusa, Santoso Senangsyah, said the idea of the alternative tourist attraction in Bali originated from his concerns about the condition of the Indonesian culture that was increasingly marginalized today. It was less enthused by younger generation and impressed that no one cared.

“Departing from the phenomenon, it then appears the idea to establish a center for cultural preservation of the nation,” he said. The tourist attraction performing its soft opening earlier this year was built as a cultural tourism park of Indonesia doubling as the presentation of Bali for Indonesia and the world. “We hope, the Taman Nusa can serve as a means of tourist attraction, education, conservation and research on the Indonesian culture,” he hoped.

Through the Taman Nusa, explained Santosa, his party wanted to feature the existence of cultural heritage to the world community. Visitors were invited to explore the panorama of the time passage of Indonesia from the ancient time to the pre-history, the kingdom era of the archipelago, cultural village, until Indonesia attained its independence. Replica of the Borobudur temple was one of the objects on the panorama of the Indonesian kingdom featured in the park.

The temple becoming one of 8 regional Indonesia’s panoramas was a monumental work of the nation and one of the world’s seven wonders. There was also a replica of the statue of Gajah Mada figure known for the Palapa Oath in uniting the whole kingdoms in this archipelago. Similar opinion was revealed by Spokesperson of the company, I Gede Panca Buana Karya. This friendly man said that to learn more details about the Indonesian civilization, the Taman Nusa had also been supported by the presence of broom-shaped building.

It stored sublime message that Indonesia had to come together to build the country and be strong, sturdy as well as not be fragmented. The Sapu Lidi building was equipped with a library representing the united nation of the insightful, knowledgeable and intelligent Indonesia. “This building needs to be introduced so that the spirit of the nation can give a smart and appreciation from the world,” he said.

In the panorama area of the Future of Indonesia lay three museums in the form of fabric, puppets and ethnographic museum as a representation that Indonesia should maintain and appreciate the wealth of the arts and culture of its own people. Meanwhile, there was also an exhibition space to display diverse arts and cultures of the other nations. This represented the openness of Indonesia to the presence of foreign cultures. “We attempt to record the stories and the history and present them in the tourist attraction located in the region of the art,” he said.

More interestingly, the Taman Nusa also presented historic houses from all provinces in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke and from Mangias to the Island of Rote. This tourist attraction presented more than 60 traditional houses from all provinces in Indonesia. Uniquely, those houses had been hundreds of years old directly brought in from various provinces in Indonesia. “Let us love and get to know the country, Indonesia, in the Taman Nusa,” he said. (BTN/014)

source : bali travel news

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