Sekar Bumi Offers Educational Tourist Attraction

Have you not been to this tourist attraction? It’s a pity if you have not. Sekar Bumi is not only a cool nature tourist attraction, but also a place of education. Of course, the area is a forest being rich in rare and medicinal plants in addition to having various types of cut flowers like heliconia. The existing atmosphere and tourist attraction are not far behind the Bedugul. Road facility can now be passed through by large-size tourism vehicles.

So no wonder, the Sekar Bumi has become the center of the garden supplying a variety of flowers to numerous hotels and restaurants on the Island of the Gods. Manager and owner of the Sekar Bumi, Ketut Subagia, said that more than 200 types of flowers were cultivated in the nursery. Among others, they included torch banana, lime banana, the Caribbean and yellow dancer with a variety of colors. Of the total area reaching some 18 hectares, about 12 hectares were allocated for the development of tropical cut flowers.

The remaining area was intended for the development of outbound and agrotourism or tourist attraction. The existing games included the flying fox, paintball, trekking, cycling and outdoor activities denoting a playground with numerous participants. “Sekar Bumi is not only good for relaxing, but also a place of education for children,” said Subagia. Through the garden tour program, visitors can get a lesson about the environment such as the cut flower arrangement, farm learning, tree planting, fertilizing, crop picking and knowledge on rare trees up to the making of compost.

For those who are like living with nature, the company also offers a tent. Sekar Bumi also poses a cultural center of Bali because the local irrigation system or subak is still sustainable. Subak has its own clean and ready-to-drink spring. The water is flowing through the tunnel, an ancient method to flow irrigation water made by local society. However, this water flows into the fish pond. The fish urine and dropping change into natural fertilizer and then flows into rice field.

Then, the activities of local farmers in Bali like plowing a paddy field by cows, rice farming, seeking eels and fish can still be done here. Here the soil of paddy fields is so fertile, while on the edge sits an old house and a large parking area. Subagia doubling as the head of Kerta Village farmer group asserted that at first he had developed flowers alone. Later, it grew into eight farmer groups. All groups were still under its assistance and government agencies of Bali Province.

All groups concerned with tropical ornamental cut flower farm. Therefore, Sekar Bumi had won numerous awards. Among others, the Horticulture Agribusiness Performer from Directorate General of Horticulture handed over by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the third best National Albizia Tree Contest and the award from the Institute of Organic Certification Seloliman (LeSOS). Besides, it also received a Wana Lestari Badges in the competition of reforestation and nature conservation held by the Department of Forestry and Cipta Award from the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. (BTN/015)

source : bali travel news

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