Ancient Trekking Road at Blahbatuh Village

Offers Rural Atmosphere, Archeological Sites and Palace
Want to have a promenade while enjoying rural atmosphere? Try the path offered by the Ancient Trekking Road located at Blahbatuh village, Gianyar County, or approximately 19 km east of Denpasar. In addition to passing the rice field landscape, this trekking activity also offers the visit to archaeological sites as well as magical atmosphere of a palace. Location of this trekking is isolated and surrounded by rice fields. Besides, it is very close to tourist areas like Ubud, Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua.

The path leading to the site is also very natural through rice fields. The rice field bund is overgrown with grass and some paths of subak (irrigation cooperative) are muddy and having small pothole because it remains pristine. Chairman of the Blahbatuh Tourism Board (BTB), I Ketut Anjasmara, accompanied by his deputy Nyoman Eka Putra said the route offered was about 4 km and had a lot of things to be seen starting from beautiful rice fields with natural organic farming system having been recognized by students from Japan.

Each participant would get unique experience when watching activities of local villagers cultivating their land. There were groups raising cattle where the urine and dung of their cattle were processed into fertilizer. Then, this fertilizer was applied to their vegetables to make them fertile and healthy. Not only that, local farmers also yielded products such as rice, pepper, papaya, banana and other crops grown through natural processes. As a result, they were not contaminated and healthy for consumption.

“If you find ripe fruit, you can pick it directly,” he said. At particular time, participants could unwind in a cool hut belonging to farmers. Then, the farmers would offer fresh drink such as young coconut picked by them. While drinking coconut water, a natural entertaining sound of birds and other animals continued to reverberate. The other animals usually encountered were dragonflies, butterflies and other tempting animals. When encountering a farmer who was plowing a field with cows, participants could take part in the activity.

The other activities such as planting rice, harvesting rice, mowing grass and pulling weeds could also be done with farmers. Similarly, there were the activities of picking vegetables, papaya and other fruits. This route also passed through a village whose inhabitants worked as sculptor. Almost every family at the village was getting involved in this kind of work of art. Ranging from the elderly, women to children were absorbing in completing their works and theirs became the second largest supplier to the Sukawati Art Market.

At this village, there were also people deeply involving in the plaiting, bead works and carving, so that society was often used as a film shooting location by the foreign TV producers. “It is the Liman village retaining the indigenous wisdom,” he explained. And what distinguishing the Ancient Trekking Road from the others was the treasure of archaeological site located at Dalem Maya Temple, eleven showers as a place to melukat or performing purificatory rite and Blahbatuh Grand Place as a historical place.

“The palace is the main attraction of this trekking route. The visit to the palace can be performed at the start or finish,” he said. Hamlet chief of Darmatiaga, I Made Widya, also having profession as tour guide said that travelers who wanted to try the trekking path would be granted some benefits. Among them, there were free guide, transportation, lunch including admission to tourist objects and insurance. “When the weather condition is poor such as raining and hot, participants will be prepared with umbrella,” he said.

All this time, the travelers handled were those from Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain and other European countries that liked trekking activity. Long before the route was managed by the BTB, many travelers had tried the uniqueness. “They like this natural and unique trekking path,” explained Widya. (BTN/015)

source : bali travel news

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