Jembrana Regency: To Serve and Protect?

CCTV Surveillance Cameras Installed by Regency at Bali Port of Gilimanuk Haven’t Work for More than a Year

Bali Post reports that CCTV surveillance camera installed at Bali’s westernmost port of Gilimanuk have been inoperable for more than a year.  The cameras, meant to monitor people entering Bali passing through port’s entry gate, don’t work. Moreover, radio equipment installed at the port is also broken.

When Bali Post visited the Gilimanuk Port on October 1, 2014, they observed a large number of inoperable CCTV cameras with many cameras missing and only dangling cables in their place. Of the cameras installed, the lenses focused off into the distance and were not aimed at areas of human traffic.

According to the press, no cameras were seen to be operating. The cameras are owned by the regency of Jembrana and were installed to provide surveillance of travelers entering the province. One of the officials on duty at the port said, “In the past these cameras were connected to regional government office, but now, whether they are functioning or not, the current condition is like this.

“Camera located outside the crossing post and connected with police headquarters in Denpasar continue to function. The operating cameras are located at both the entrance and the exit point at entrance gate to Bali. An official of the Jembrana Regency, Putu Cahyadi, said repeated requests have been made for the repair and maintenance of the CCTV equipment, but admitted also that the weather conditions at the port were “unfriendly” to such types of electronic equipment.

Source : Bali Discovery Tours

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