Royal Penance

Supreme Court Rules Tjokorda Pemecutan of the Puri Pemecutan Palace Must Serve One-Year Prison Term for Manslaughter

The Denpasar Court has confirmed that they have received a copy of a decision by the Supreme Court affirming the criminal conviction and sentence of a member of a Denpasar Royal Household, Tjokorda Pemecutan XI, Anak Agung Ngurah Manik Parasara (A.A. Ngurah Manik Parasara). The Denpasar Court has handed the Supreme Court’s decision to Bali prosecutors who now have the responsibility of taking the Raja into custody so he can begin serving his prison sentence.

The prison sentence is the outcome of an incident that occurred more than a decade ago, on October 11, 2003, during a meeting between Cokorda Pemecutan and his son A.A. Dharmaenegara Putra with a group of relations including A.A. Purwa, AA Parama Suwarna, A.A. Parawanta and A.A. Ngurah Putu Prana. The meeting was convened ostensibly to discuss the construction of a wall at the Pemecutan Palace located on Jalan Thamrin in Bali’s capital of Denpasar.

The discussion became heated to the point there Cokorda, the former chairman of the Denpasar House of Representatives (DPRD-Denpasar) fought Prana. In the ensuing struggle, Cokorda inflicted a mortal stab wound on Prana. Prana was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sanglah General Hospital and Cokorda surrendered to the Bali police a short time later. When the case came to court Pemecutan was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to one year’s prison.

In rendering the sentence, the judge ruled that although Cokorda’s actions resulted in a death, his service to the community and the aggressive behavior of the victim mitigated gthe amount of punishment. On appeal to the Supreme Court the original sentence of one year was affirmed clearing the way for the imminent imprisonment of the Raja.

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