Indonesia Wants to Be the Paradise of MICE Tourism

Indonesia wants to be the paradise of Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition (MICE). This could happen because Indonesia has a number of supporting tourism destinations as main resource of that achievement. “Indonesia has number of natural tourism destinations, marine, ecotourism, that is the main resource that can lead Indonesia to be paradise of world’s MICE,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board (ARDI), Wiryanti Sukamdani, in Jakarta on Tuesday.

She said that the MICE tourism in Indonesia is very potential to be developed because of the greater contribution in capturing the number of tourist arrivals. In 2013, the ARDI noted MICE tourism contributes 40 percent to the number of foreign tourists throughout the year. “We are expecting in 2019 the number of foreign tourists could reach 20 to 25 million and 275 million domestic tourist trips. It can be achieved either by performance boost of MICE sector,” she said.

MICE in Indonesia faces a number of difficulties such as convention and exhibition space with a capacity over 6,000 people in Jakarta and Bali as an existing destinations. Meanwhile, in the potential destinations including Surabaya, Medan, Manado, Makassar, Bandung, Solo, and Yogyakarta as well as in emerging destinations including Balikpapan and Lombok are still limited. A number of other constraints including infrastructure, accessibility, human resources, and connectivity.

“We look forward that Indonesia is able to maximize the potential of MICE in the future,” she said. Some ways that can be done such as embrace world-class professional associations to hold an event in Indonesia. In addition, encourages cross border event to create a quality tourism event as previously done,  those are Bintan Triathlon, Tour de Bintan, and MetaMan at Bintan which need to be continuously developed as Singapore and Malaysia is Indonesia’s main market.

source : the bali times

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