Germans Arrested after Smuggles Cocaine by Swallowing It

Office of Customs and Excise Service of Ngurah Rai Bali arrested a German citizen who attempted to smuggle cocaine by swallowing it. “Before examined, the suspect was hiding in the toilet for almost an hour,” said Daily Official of Surveillance and Customs Service of Ngurah Rai Djarot Utomo in Kuta, Badung regency on Saturday.

The suspect named Hans Peter Naumann, 48. He was arrested shortly after the plane landed from Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday at around 11:42 pm. “The officer checked the suspect’s luggage, but they found nothing. Upon examination by using the` ion-scan`, there are indications that the suspect has been in contact with cocaine,” he said.

The officer then decided to examine the bodies of suspects and found 11 capsules containing a white solid with a gross weight of 201 grams. The suspect who claimed to be a singer was finally taken to a hospital in Kuta to undergo an X-ray. “Surely in the stomach was found six capsules with a total gross weight of up to 38 grams,” he said.

Ngurah Rai Customs and Excise service suspected that the suspect hiding in the toilet for quite long time because he tried to take 11 capsules out from his stomach. Meanwhile, he claimed to be a courier from someone who was not identified to deliver the illicit goods and would get $5,000 for the fee. “I would be paid $5,000, but will be given after arriving in Bali,” he said.

The suspect has been handed over to the Bali Police for further investigation. He was charged under Article on Narcotics with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison with a maximum fine of Rp10 billion.

source : the bali times

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