Bali Governor asks PDAM to Overcome Water Crisis

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika asked the management of the Regional state-owned tap water company (PDAM), particularly in Denpasar and Badung to overcome the water crisis. “We expect it soon, so the people can gain water,” he said in Denpasar on Thursday. He explained that the water crisis happened due to lack of water channel from PDAM to the public. He asked PDAM to complete the installation of public drinking water supply system (SPAM) of Petanu.

SPAM Petanu located in Gianyar regency, there are three engine water supply that is expected to be distributed to the people in three regencies / cities, namely Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar. “One machine is working out of three machines. One engine  produces about 100 liters of water per second,” he said. SPAM Patanu, he continued, is projected to produce 300 liters of clean water per second but can only be used about 90-100 liters per second.

That amount of water is divided into three districts in the city, causing water crisis in several regions such as in the southern part of Denpasar and Badung. “It was probably the management issues,” he said simply. Pastika revealed that SPAM Petanu was built by Central Government and  Provincial Government of Bali with budget division around 70 billion from the central government and Rp125 billion from Bali provincial government.

Clean water crisis has hit several areas in Denpasar and South Badung since the past few weeks. People in the village ofTanjung Benoa and  Kutuh Village since few weeks ago was forced to buy extra water for household needs due to limited stock of water. However, the water crisis does not happen in hotel area in Kabupaten Badung because the water is still  fine in some number of hotels.

source : the bali times

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