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Building and Zoning Law Violators in Denpasar, Bali Ignore Citations and Continue to Break the Law

Further underlying the ineffectiveness of the rules governing building codes in Denpasar and the ineptness of those charged with enforcing them, a report in DenPost confirms that 42 building owners in Bali’s capital have been cited for zoning or building violations, but are ignoring summons issued by the Zoning and Housing Authority of Denpasar (DTRP).

Part of a joint effort to improve enforcement of zoning and building rules carried out by the DTRP and regency’s enforcement agency (Satpol PP) in August, 26 building were found to have no building permit (IMB), 14 buildings violated general setback rules and 1 building violated setback rules from a river.

The buildings discovered in the joint sweep to be violating the law are located in south Denpasar, North Denpasar, East Denpasar and West Denpasar. The chief of the DTRP for Denpasar, Dewa Made Wesnawa Wedagama, told DenPost on Thursday, September 25, 2014, that reprimands issued to building owners who answered summons for building violations have largely been ignored.

The current procedures in place for zoning and building code violations requires three “warning letters” be sent to the building owner before handing the case over to Satpol PP for legal action.

Source : Bali Discovery Tours

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