A Hierarchy of Power

Citizens at Celukan Bawang, North Bali Power Project Refuse to Allow Passage of High –Voltage Lines Over their Lands

Radar Bali and Jawa Post report that a large contingent of police are standing by near the Steam-Generating Power Plant (PLTU) at Celukan Bawang in Buleleng, North Bali following protests from local residents refusing to allow high voltage lines to transect their land and residential areas.

The high voltage lines (SUTT) running out of the plant are essential to the power plant’s operation and its plans to distribute the badly needed power it will produce to other regions of Bali. Technicians have only been ably to attach the power lines to towers standing within the PLTU grounds with local citizen refusing access to their adjoining land where the towers remain unconnected to the grid.

One local resident, Muhammad Sadli, told the press he had refused the offer of Rp. 100 million (US$8,300) in compensation for allowing the high-power lines to be strung across his land. Sadli said their the only acceptable alternative is for the high power lines to be moved to a new location, far away from homes, residences, places of worship and businesses.

The head of the police precinct at Celukan Bawang blamed the continuing refusal of local residents to allow the power lines to be put in place on a lack of information and understanding on high-power lines.

Source : Bali Discovery Tours

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