Preserve Buleleng culture through cow racing attraction

Final day in a series of the Sail Indonesia and Lovina Festival took place lively and was crowded by visitors. It was also jazzed up by amazing appearance of the distinctive culture of Buleleng, namely the cow racing. Abundant spectators from various regions riding motorcycles and cars looked so vivacious and thronged the parking area around the road leading to Kaliasem village, Banjar subdistrict, Saturday afternoon (Sep 27). The attraction of cow racing posed the cultural tradition highly favored by local and foreign travelers.

Before starting, thousands of spectators had gathered at the edge of the field near the location of the activities. There were totally 12 pairs of cows, where four pairs of which consisted of three groups of cow racing, namely the Bagesebali representing East Bali, Santhi Gopala group representing Central Bali and Putra Gembala group representing West Bali. Foreign travelers witnessing the event were amazed to see the appearance of the jockey and were capable of getting a memorable experience when riding the cow racing.

“My experience of riding cows commonly used to plow paddy field is unusual. This cultural attraction makes me amazed and cannot say anything,” said Jack, a Dutch traveler. Another participant, Gede Ardana, from Menyali village, said that he previously never got the experience as a jockey and the attraction required a specialized skill and serious exercise. “Controlling the cow is quite difficult, let alone be a jockey. Cows are difficult to direct and it must get special treatment, so the cows can understand the command of their master,” he said.

The Head of the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Agency, Ketut Warkadea, on the sidelines of the activity explained that the cow racing posed the commitment in the preservation of traditional arts in Buleleng. The audience also encouraged the organizer and participants of the cow racing. “Each year we have designed three cow racing attractions. Then, we hope that next year’s event will be more festive and more participants will participate. The icon of Buleleng must be maintained, preserved and promoted wisely, and the society must contribute in it,” said Warkadea. (kmb34)

source : Bali Travel News

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