A President in a Class All His Own

President –Elect Joko Widodo Flies Economy from Bali to Jakarta. Republika.co.id reports that President-elect Joko Widodo caused something of a stir when he flew from Denpasar to Bali on Sunday, September 28, 204 on a Garuda Indonesia commercial flight as an economy passenger. Many of the other passengers on the flight could not be calmed before they had the chance to make a “selfie” on the flight departing Bali for Jakarta at 6:45 pm.

The President-elect’s security detachment were said to be kept very busy dealing with passengers eager to get close to Joko Widodo both before takeoff and after the plane landed in Jakarta. The Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan, sent an SMS to friends and colleagues noting the joy, happiness and pride felt by passengers in the economy class section of the aircraft who discovered Indonesia’s next president were sitting amongst them.

Joko Widodo reportedly took pains to accommodate as many request as possible for photographs from many passenger aboard the flight. President-elect Joko Widodo was in Bali September 27-28, 2104 to attend meetings with local social activists and view Bali’s air and seaport.

source : bali discovery tours

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