NGO Alliances throughout Bali Refuse Election through Parliament

Alliance of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) throughout Bali conducted an action by putting their signatures on a white cloth as a symbol of rejection to local elections through Parliament in Monument of Bajra Sandhi, Renon, Denpasar on Sunday. The signatures will be sent to the House of Representatives as a form of rejection of the election draft through parliament. On that occasion, a number of communities in car-free day were participating to sign over ten meters of white cloth.

Coordinator of the NGO alliances in Bali (Alase), I Nyoman Mardika said, the implementation of the election through parliament will not be able to fully express the aspirations of the people. “In addition, local election through Parliament does not guarantee can produce representatives who are pro-community,” he said. According to him, the implementation of direct election currently has been going well, although it still has a number of weaknesses.

“All weaknesses can be evaluated and improved,” he said. One of the weaknesses of direct election is to use a very high cost, but it can be overcome by doing a simultaneous selection. Meanwhile, related some fraud such as money politics, election organizers are required to give strict punishment which can suppress the violation. They thought that the direct elections prefer the aspirations of the people so can produce pro-community representatives.

source : the bali times

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