Denpasar Police Reveals Producer of Drugs Worth Rp 12 Billion

Police Narcotics Investigation Unit of Denpasar, Bali, arrested four suspects who were the producers and the distributors of methamphetamine and ecstasy with an estimated total value of nearly Rp12 billion. “We’ve been investigating for two weeks. We had difficulty finding the location of the producer because they do not stay in one place,” said Denpasar Police Chief Comr Djoko Hariutomo in Denpasar on Friday. According to him, the production was conducted in two locations, at Jalan Tukad Batanghari, Panjer, Denpasar and Seririt, Buleleng. Police officers then secured four suspects, initials Gus NSW (34), N Sud (36), Don Sr (27) and W AR (46).

Disclosure of the drug producers began with the arrest of a suspect Gus NSW at his house in Jalan Kubu Buana, Denpasar on Tuesday, which has been staked out for long time. Police seized ecstasy-making materials, such as powders that contain methylenedioxy methylamphetamine, ie 101.19 grams chemical compounds for ecstasy and other substances that is 61 gram of codeine and 1,130 grams tablet. From the description of Gus NSW, it is known that the initial capital used to produce ecstasy is Rp20 million with production estimated at around 1,000 grains of ecstasy.

“The ecstasy was sold for Rp450.000. So if it becomes a thousand grain, the ecstasy was worth about Rp450 million,” he said. From the description of Gus NSW, police then arrested N Sud which act as the distributor and Don Sr who served as a maker of the ecstasy. Djoko explained that from the three suspects’ confession, the funding of the ecstasy production was from Seririt, Buleleng Regency, the initial is W AR. W AR also produced methamphetamine with a total value estimated at nearly Rp11billion. After arrested W AR, police found the factory of methamphetamine in two locations, at a villa in Sukasada, Buleleng and in a villa in Banjar, Buleleng.

From those locations, the police found a number of methamphetamine-making material such as 15 bottles and five jerry cans of liquid containing methamphetamine chemicals, one bottle of powder weighing 288 grams and 10 plastic weighing 10.020, two bottles of crystal clear weighing 374 grams and 22 plastics or weighing 21. 575 grams and other materials. Meanwhile, related to the drug-making materials, he explained that it was obtained from a number of stores in East Java and Jakarta via express mail package. “The suspect was only for about a month to produce the drugs.

We will do more investigation about where they get the materials,” he said. But the police could not arrest the seller because the materials are sold freely in the market. The four suspects are in Denpasar Police for further investigation. They were charged under the Law on Narcotics with a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and a maximum fine of Rp5 billion.

source : the bali times

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