American Couple Could Face Article on Premeditated Murder

Criminal Investigation Division of Denpasar Police will apply article of premeditated murder for two suspected killers of United States citizens. “We apply section of 340 on premeditated murder to both (Heather and Tommy),” said Head of Denpasar Police Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo in Denpasar. Although his team will apply Article of premeditated murder, they will still explore the case whether it is planned or not.

“We are still studying again whether it is planned or not. The admission was not like that,” he said. Djoko said that Tommy had confessed that he killed his girlfriend’s mother. While Heather was witnessing that horrible thing. According to Djoko, Heather said that he did not see any intention from Tommy to kill. But Djoko was reluctant to disclose the details whether or not Heather has roles in putting her mother’s body into the suitcase.

“It (the role of Heather) will be a material of investigation in the court,” he said. Djoko Hariutomo said that the murder of Sheila Von Weise was motivated by an offense between the victim and the suspect, Tommy Schaffer. However, it was unknown what the offense is and Djoko did not explain in detail. Currently the police are asking for information in which the suspects have started openly to investigators. “Currently we just continue the investigation to complete the file,” he said.

source : the bali times

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