Abrasion in Gilimanuk Worsen

Coastal abrasion in Gilimanuk Village, Jembrana get worse and threatened dozens of homes, including Padma Capa temple. Initially the abrasion was only in Jineng Agung village which made dozens of homes damaged, but now the disaster has reached Samiana village. “Compared to other beaches which already had the retaining wall to withstand the wave, our village is the prone area as there is nothing to hold the abrasion,” said the Head of Samiana village Gede Sudarma Yasa.

Related to Padma Capa temple, he said, it was built together with Gelung Kori Gilimanuk, as well as the three other temples were intended to protect Bali. According to him, when there is a great wave, the sea water almost reached the temple It has to be overcome soon otherwise it will be affected by abrasion. He revealed that the temple is often used as a Hindu worship site, such as Pekelem (sacrificial) ceremony, and others.

In addition, the boarding house of Bali Police Mobile Brigade, on the coast is also threatened by similar disaster as well as dozens of houses. Meanwhile abrasion in Jineng Agung village is also getting worse, where the distance of house and sea water only about one meter, which at high tide the water entered the houses. Tide barriers containing concrete had shattered, made villagers voluntary work to arrange sacks containing sand and rock at the abrasion location.

source : the bali times

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