Governor receives death threat

Governor Made Mangku Pastika on Thursday reported a death threat made against him to the Bali Police in relation to a protest recently. Participants of a rally on Wednesday carried a large banner emblazoned with the slogan “Penggal Kepala Mangku P” (Cut [off] Mangku P’s head). In a press conference Thursday, Pastika spoke about the rally: “I am still feeling bad. This is a serious issue.” Pastika said that as governor he was used to his actions and policies rubbing people up the wrong way.

“I do not [normally] take this sort of thing seriously. It is one of the consequences of becoming a public figure. But, the banner — and its cruel words — was unacceptable.” Pastika said he had been told that a certain media group had requested the banner be held aloft for an extended amount of time so it could capture footage of it. “Only one media group publicized the rally and the banner,” Pastika said without divulging any more details.

“The photos and vox pops from the rally’s participants were likely orchestrated by that media group,” added the governor. The rally, organized by Jaringan Aksi Tolak Reklamasi (Jalak), or Network Action against Reclamation, took place on Wednesday in front of the governor’s office and the Bali Legislative Council’s office in Renon area in Denpasar on Wednesday morning. The protesters were opposed to an administration policy that gave development rights to a private investor for Benoa Bay. “I have reported the death threat to the police. I hope the police can arrest those involved in the rally in the next few hours. If they cannot do that, I will chase them myself,” Pastika said.

source : bali daily

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