Search for missing diver ends, skipper named suspect

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) declared Thursday that the search and rescue operation for Takashi Shoko, 35, the only Japanese diver still unaccounted for from a group of seven women who had gone missing Friday last week, would end today (Friday). However, the agency would continue to monitor and be prepared for an evacuation if she was found. “Rationally, and considering the cost and benefit, we decide to stop the search and rescue operation.

However, we will continue to coordinate if there is any development in the future,” head of Basarnas Denpasar, Didi Hamzar, told reporters Thursday evening. Didi said that the search Thursday had optimized all capabilities and personnel and been conducted in all possible areas, including Nusa Dua, Benoa, Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Klungkung. “As of now, we have been unable to find the target. We are declaring her a missing person,” he said.

Didi hoped that anyone who found the victim would inform the agency. Takashi is one of seven Japanese divers who went missing during a dive off Nusa Lembongan on Friday last week. She is a dive master and was guiding the diving session on the day the incident happened. She is married to the owner of Yellow Scuba, the dive operator who managed the diving trip.

On Monday, found alive were five of the seven Japanese divers: Furukawa Saori, 37, Yamamoto Emi, 33, Tomita Namomi, 28, Morizono Aya, 27, and Yoshidome Atsumi, 29. They were spotted by a local around 300 meters from Manta Point, a Nusa Penida dive spot located between 14 to 16 nautical miles from Blue Corner, where they had gone missing. Meanwhile, the body of Miyata Ritsuko, 59, was found floating in Serangan waters on Tuesday evening.

The body was evacuated from the water and immediately taken to Sanglah Hospital. Director of the Bali Water Police, Sr. Comr. Tubuh Musyareh, declared Thursday that the police had named the boat captain, Agustinus, a suspect after having questioned all the survivors from the incident “Based on the statements of the survivors, they could not find the boat when they finished the dive. The boat had apparently left them during the session.

We concluded that the incident happened due to the captain’s negligence,” Tubuh said. He added that the suspect was still being interrogated by the police and would be detained.

source : bali daily

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