Satra village, Klungkung’s center for leaf handicrafts

With agile fingers, Jero Made Galuh sat making a photo frame, combining cardboard with several kinds of leaves. Galuh is the owner of one of the remaining handicraft centers that still exist in Satra village in Klungkung regency. Her products are branded under the name “Marta Kaca”. Dozens of boxes are stored in her house in Satra, all containing finished goods. “Those are orders from our customers abroad,” said Galuh. Among the leaves used are hibiscus, banana and white leadtree.

“I used to look for the leaves near my home. Now, I have to buy most of them because they’re getting rare,” she said. The only available leaves near her home nowadays are hibiscus and white leadtree — locally known as lamtoro. Satra is a village in Klungkung that residents know well as a center for leaf handicrafts.

Klungkung residents say that Satra villagers have always been known for being creative in making handicrafts, such as photo frames and notebooks, from recycled materials, mostly recycled papers and leaves. However, due to changing times and preferences, as well as the impact of the Bali bombings, the number of households producing these handicrafts has dropped significantly. Today, fewer than 10 centers still go on.

Galuh said that demand for Satra handicrafts was dropping, causing the craftspeople to now look for and sell beach stones from the nearby Watu Klotok Beach to maintain an income to support their families.

source : bali daily

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