Waste, turbidity disrupt water supply

The Denpasar tap water company (PDAM) is not currently receiving water from its installation in Blusung as the water there is highly turbid due to a landslide upstream and mounting waste in the reservoir. The incident has disrupted clean water supply to thousands of customers. Denpasar administration spokesperson, Dewa Gde Rai, acknowledged that customers were complaining about the event, but claimed it was a technical issue that started at the Blusung installation.

Clean water is in short supply in three districts: west, north and east Denpasar, while supplies to other areas remain stable as they are sourced from another installation in Waribang. Contacted separately, PDAM president director I Putu Gede Mahaputra confirmed the issue, and said it had started on Friday morning. Mahaputra attributed the shortage to persistent rains in the upstream region of Ayung River, the main source for Blusung installation.

The company recorded that the water turbidity level had passed the 3,000 Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU) limit. “Source water of more than 3,000 NTU cannot be processed. It is not feasible for household consumption,” Mahaputra said. PDAM expected that supply would return to normal on Sunday, provided no more landslides occurred. It had been prepared to restart supplies since Saturday afternoon.

PDAM customers relations head Dewa Made Sumardika called on the public to keep water reserves, but said that his side would do its best to return the water supply to normal immediately. “When some water comes [during the stoppage], keep reserves,” he said. Sumardika said that waste had clogged the water flow from the reservoir to the installation, however he explained that the problem was relatively faster to handle than the issue of turbidity.

“This is due to natural factors. The public must remain patient,” he said. Waste cleaning was carried out from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday. The process was time consuming, as there were many large trees in the water, he said. Taking anticipatory measures related to the water shortage, PDAM deployed daily two 400-liter water tankers of clean water to roam the affected areas. A similar event happened in 2011, when the NTU level reached as high as 36,000. Water supplies stopped for several days due to a landslide in northern Bali.

source : bali daily

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