Waters closed due to strong winds, high waves

The Buleleng Police have shut the regency’s waters from all activities as the weather is forecast to continue with high waves and strong winds in the area until Feb. 4. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that waves would reach up to 5 meters, with a wind velocity of around 80 kilometers per hour. “We have received the report and concluded that any activity in our waters is dangerous, thus we have decided to close them,” said Buleleng Water Police chief Adj. Comr. Made Mustiada on Wednesday.

Made said his side had spoken with all stakeholders in relation to the closure. The closure is focused on five locations, which are centers of activity and ports. These are Terima and Celukan Bawang bays in Gerokgak district, the coast at Anturan village, the Sangsit fishing port in Sawan district and the waters in Tejakula district. “Those are centers of activity. But we have to temporarily shut them as a safety precaution,” Made said.

Based on Bali Daily’s observations, northern Bali’s waters that are usually crowded with tourists and fishermen, were deserted, such as the former Buleleng dock. Only fishing boats were seen around the coast. According to local fishermen, their activities have stopped for the last two weeks. “We fear fishing in this weather,” said Wayan Tatto, one of the fishermen. Another fisherman, Nengah Sudiasa, said this phenomenon occurred every year as the Chinese New Year approached.

He added that the Balinese Hindu calendar also showed a new moon was due. “Tilem [new moon] comes with high waves and strong winds,” he said. The option to stay out of the water was taken to prevent any unwanted circumstances, he added. “We don’t fish on these days. We normally go back to fishing by the end of February or early March, when the weather is much more stable,” he said.

source : bali daily

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