Frenchman arrested attempting to smuggle 3 kg of drugs

A French national was arrested by customs and excise officers at Ngurah Rai International Airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle 3.083 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine Sunday. The drugs are reportedly worth in excess of Rp 6 billion (US$496,000). He was arrested early Sunday morning, although the arrest was officially announced Monday afternoon; a common practice here to provide law enforcement officers extra time to uncover the suspect’s network.

In this case, however, the precaution failed since several local media outlets published news of the arrest before the announcement. Francois Jacques Giuily, 48, was arrested as he passed the customs and excise checkpoint at Ngurah Rai airport, having arrived on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH 867 from Kuala Lumpur. “The methamphetamine was found concealed inside the lining of his suitcase,” airport Customs and Excise Office head, Made Wijaya, said in the press conference Monday.

Wijaya said that the customs officer became suspicious about the red suitcase carried by Giuily during the customs examination. “Our X-ray machine indicated a suspicious substance inside his suitcase. Thus, our officer conducted a physical examination of the suspect and his suitcase,” he said. Two plastic bags were found concealed inside the lining of the suitcase. “After conducting a narcotics test, we found that it was crystal meth,” Wijaya said.

Unfortunately, Wijaya said, further investigation by Bali Police detectives and customs and excise officers failed to apprehend suspected members of the drug ring believed to be related to the smuggling attempt. Wijaya openly blamed the local media for this failure. The stories run by those media prior to the official announcement, Wijaya suggested, had alerted the other suspects in the ongoing investigation.

“In fact, we had sent officers to Jakarta to do a controlled delivery and arrest the suspect[s], who were supposed to receive the drugs from the Frenchman, but apparently the suspect[s] found out about the arrest and they simply disappeared. That’s because the media outlets had published the story,” Wijaya said. Wijaya reported that Giuily had said he did not know where the package should be sent when he arrived in Bali.

He had been instructed to buy a local mobile phone number once in Bali and to place a call to a number given to him for further instruction. To the officer, Giuily admitted that the drugs came from Dhaka. “It was best quality crystal meth,” Wijaya said. The suspect could be charged with violating the 2009 law on narcotics, which carries the death penalty and a maximum fine of Rp 10 billion. The suspect and the evidence were handed over to the Bali Police for legal process.

In the press conference, Giuily admitted that he was told to bring the drugs from Dhaka, Senegal, to Bali, transiting through places such as Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. “They didn’t give me much money. They gave me $400 in Dhaka. They were supposed to give me $4,000 when it was done,” Giuily said.

source : bali dialy

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