‘Live Bone’ by Kaiji Moriyama

Hundreds of people flocked to the Candra Metu stage at the Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar in anticipation of seeing special guest artist, Japanese contemporary dancer Kaiji Moriyama. On Friday afternoon, Moriyama performed his dance choreography entitled “Live Bone” at ISI campus. In his Bali performance, Moriyama collaborated with Kodue Hibino, a costume designer noted for his design creations used in Japanese films and TV programs.

He also worked with Kohske Kawase, a noted music arranger and composer whose works range from movie and television productions, contemporary dance music and video. Born in Kanagawa in l973, Moriyama is one of Japan’s top-notch contemporary dancers. He began his career at the Japanese musical theater. His works received kudos from international art critics such as Anna Kisselgoff from the New York Times.

The performance started when Moriyama emerged from a Balinese carved wooden gate wearing a tight-fitting black costume. Moriyama danced energetically from one corner to another wearing a scary mask and costume. The 30-minute show presented symbolical movements, each featuring every part of body as the theme of the dance, “Live Bone”, suggested. Some of the audience was amused while others, children in particular, seemed afraid. The performance was made possible due to collaboration between ISI Denpasar and the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia.

source : bali daily

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