Patchwork Balinese dolls

In a small craft shop in Ubud, two sewing machines were being agilely operated by the craftspeople to create cute dolls in various shapes and characters made of patchwork. Among the unique dolls created by the Gunung Mas craft shop on Jl. Raya Andong are a man and a woman wearing traditional Balinese costumes. The male doll wears Balinese clothes and traditional udeng (male headwear), while the female wears a kebaya (traditional blouse). These are two of the bestselling dolls in the shop. The owner of the craft shop said they usually created the dolls based on customer orders, so there were not many displayed in the shop.

Other bestselling characters include animals, like turtles, giraffes and elephants. The small dolls are suitable for children to play with and as room decorations. The craft shop owner usually buys rags from the local textile industry. The various colored patches of material are sewn together to create larger pieces of fabric and interesting patterns. Besides using patchwork, the artisans also create dolls and animals made in flowery patterns and with Balinese motif cloth. Customers can buy retail or wholesale.

source : bali daily

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