SAR team now goes to school

Under the scorching sun, on Renon field thousands of students from across the island looked on enthusiastically as the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) team demonstrated how to rescue a road accident victim. Scores of Basarnas members showcased their alacrity to rescue a man trapped in a car after the accident. In another session, the team also rescued a man trapped in a collapsed house after an earthquake had hit. The team used several pieces of equipment to do their job. “I was really impressed to see how they worked to rescue the victim.

I am happy to get a chance to see how they rescue disaster victims,” said Ni Luh Ayu Eliana, a student of vocational senior high school SMK 1 Tabanan. The 16-year-old girl went to Renon field in Denpasar with scores of classmates to participate in the SAR Goes To School program. At the event, Basarnas also exhibited scores of pieces of equipment, as well as introduced its programs. “The exhibition is very exciting for me. I have got so much knowledge from this event,” Eliana said.

Head of Search and Rescue (SAR) Denpasar office, Didi Hamzar, said that the SAR team was eager to get closer to the community through the event and encourage people to be more familiar with their tasks. “We start with the students, our young generation, because they will be our next leaders. We are eager to build their capacity, to help them have a better chance of surviving once they are facing disaster,” Didi said. The SAR Goes To School event also featured a safety education program and art and music performances so it was more interesting for students.

Scores of students also had the opportunity to fly in the Basarnas helicopter. On the occasion, a book entitled SAR Goes to School was also launched. Didi said that people should be more familiar with how to handle disaster, as the island was prone to many kinds of disaster. In addition to the school event, Basarnas is also introducing itself and how to handle disasters through various mass media, including radio, television and social media. Bali Deputy Governor Ketut Sudikerta conveyed his appreciation of the event, saying it benefited all students.

“As an island prone to disaster, moreover, as we are living in an international tourist destination, we should prioritize reducing the risk of disaster. Everyone should know the basic way to handle such things,” Sudikerta said.

source : bali daily

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