Feeling homey at Warung Garasi

Just like its name, Warung Garasi was built in the former garage of a Balinese family’s home in the heart of Ubud. Entering the warung (diner), patrons will feel like they are in a garage, with a well-kept vintage BMW, BSA motorbikes and a beautifully restored Vespa scooter with sidecar placed in one corner and another scooter right in the middle of the dining area. These are all fully functional motorbikes and the proud collection of Ketut Bobby, vintage motorbike connoisseur and proprietor of the increasingly popular diner.

Moreover, three chopped down Vespa frames have been arranged as bar stools, the Vespa’s red tail lights transformed into lamp shades, and motorbike parts — from spark plugs to bolts and screws adorn the acrylic top of two wooden dining tables. With a capacity of 20 customers, Warung Garasi is located in an alley on Jl. Monkey Forest, around 10 meters from the crowded street. Loyal guests of this small restaurant are not only scooter enthusiasts in Ubud, but also foreign tourists who want to enjoy local food in a homey atmosphere.

Balinese nasi campur (rice served with mixed meats and vegetables) is the specialty here, as well as some popular Indonesian dishes like gado-gado (vegetables in spicy peanut sauce), nasi goreng (fried rice), mie (noodles) and soto ayam (chicken soup). It also offers a sweet cocktail of home-made arak (palm wine) and brem (sticky rice wine). Here, the dining area and the kitchen are merged, making the patrons feel a strong sense of kinship, like eating at home while watching their mother cooking in the kitchen.

It was his love for old motorcycles that motivated Bobby to transform his garage into Warung Garasi last March. He manages the small restaurant with his mother, sibling and wife, with original recipes inherited from his father, the proprietor of a small food stall that opened in Ubud market in the 1970s. Known as Warung Sayan, the stall’s nasi campur was a favorite among the locals. Growing up in a family that loves to cook encouraged Bobby to combine his passion for cuisine and old motorcycles, and realize this into a restaurant with a homey and relaxing ambience.

source : bali daily

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