Free World Music concert today at Bali Arts Center

Running parallel to the widely reported World Culture Forum (WCF) held this week in Nusa Dua, the World Ethnic Music Festival has brought together musicians, academics and industry professionals to discuss what the WCF means to them. The WCF is based upon the framework designated by the UN General Assembly in 2011 which, “called for a more visible and effective integration and mainstreaming of culture into development policies and strategies at all levels”.

Some might argue that the UN is arriving rather late at this particular party, but their initiative is welcomed and should provide must needed financial impetus, especially in developing nations where the physical needs can easily overrun creative talent. The music festival is only small but has been able to attract delegates from a variety of European, African and Asian nations. They have come together to perform, share ideas and encourage the propagation of their own musical ideals and heritage under the umbrella of the WCF.

The festival opened Monday evening at the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar with a dinner and traditional Balinese music and dance performance. Later, some of the delegates planned, weather permitting, to give a shortened view performance to those fortunate enough to be there, and provide a hint of the treat in store for the public the following evening. The artists are drawn from all around the world with scheduled performers including Mamak Khadem, originating from Iran; from India the inspirational and award-winning Rashmi Agarwal; a Russian folk trio; as well as representatives from Africa the US, Asia and Oceania.

The evening will fittingly close with the delightful Ayu Laksmi & Balawan, who together represent Bali and Indonesia. But the festival is not just about playing music. Prior to the main performances, keynote speakers from within the world music industry will address the delegates on how they can develop their music. It is a sad fact that many world musicians are in dire need of financial support and issues such as performing rights and copyright will be addressed along with the key message of cultural and musical development as part of the UN’s drive. The main performance will be held today (Tuesday), starting at 5 p.m.

The organizers and artists invite the public to join them for a celebration of world music. The event is at the easily accessible Bali Arts Center located on Jl. Nusa Indah in Denpasar, and entrance is free for all. This is a great opportunity to see some inspirational musicians and will hopefully attract good local support and, for anyone holidaying and interested in world music or just experiencing something musically different, it is something of an unexpected bonus. The Bali Arts Center is an interesting place to visit with many cultural attractions, and the gates will be open earlier in the afternoon for anyone wishing to look around. The performances are scheduled to run until about midnight.

source : bali daily

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