Film festival highlights cultural forum

A cultural film festival will highlight the 2013 World Cultural Forum (WCF) with eight participating countries contributing influential movies to be screened in Bali. “It will be the medium through which the spirit of togetherness of the participating countries is expressed through the creative works of their moviemakers,” venerated Indonesian director Slamet Rahardjo Jarot said Saturday. Slamet is serving as the chairman of the festival’s steering committee. Movies from Indonesia, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and China will be screened during the festival, Nov. 25-27, at XXI Cineplex in Beachwalk, a sprawling shopping mall in Kuta.

“I hope this film festival will be a permanent agenda item in the WCF. This year, we have only eight participating countries in the film festival, but I am convinced that the number will increase in the future.” “Film is a very powerful medium, which could convey subtle nuances and complicated thoughts in a single frame. That’s why we have organized this film festival. We believe movies could be a good way to understand the problems and traits of a nation. Movies could make the messages of WCF easier to understand.” The main message of WCF, Slamet pointed out, was cultural deference, in which nations in the world view other cultures with deference and treat them with respect.

Cultural deference, in contrast to cultural superiority or inferiority, would provide a firmer foundation for international dialogue and cooperation. Among the movies to be screened in the festival are Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (directed by Renata Litvinova from Russia), Propaganda (directed by Sinan Cetin from Turkey), El Violin (directed by Fransisco Vargas from Mexico), and Fukushima Hula Girls (directed by Masaki Kobayashi from Japan). The festival will also feature the works of Indonesia’s leading directors, including Atambua 39C by Riri Riza and Rumah Di Seribu Ombak by Erwin Arnada.

“In total, there will be 16 movies screened, and some countries will have two or three movies featured in the festival,” organizing committee member Steve E. Hermanus said. In addition to the movie screening, the festival will also organize a discussion of the films. “The discussion will involve the makers of the screened movies and WCF delegates.” There will also be a gathering involving independent moviemakers. Screenings and discussions will take place at the XXI Cineplex while the gathering will be in the Beachwalk lobby. “Frankly speaking, our cinema industry is still behind other countries. But we have immense potential to produce commercial and documentary movies, and we have a lot of promising talent. So it is only a matter of policy and government support,” Slamet said.

source : bali daily

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