New guidance for early marriage

The Indonesian Parishada Hindu Council (PHDI) in Bali plans to issue guidance on underage marriages. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, chairman of PHDI, said that the guidance would deal with ways to solve problems arising from any marriage involving underage individuals. Sudiana was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar on early marriage from the perspective of law, custom, religion, women’s protection and health.

Meanwhile, I Made Suasti Puja, chairman of the organizing committee, explained that early marriage happened due to family problems, sexual abuse by close relatives and lack of religious knowledge, among other reasons. Dewa Ayu Sri Wigunawati said that empowering women and girls, education and advocacy would prevent girls from becoming involved in underage marriages. According to Made Darmayasa, a gynecologist, teen pregnancies have been on the rise.

source : bali daily

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