Junior high school student in Denpasar invents electric desk

Due to the absence of electricity at his grandma’s modest home in Kubu village in Karangasem regency, Putu Agastya Satryana, a student at SMP 1 Denpasar junior high school, managed to invent an electricity generating desk. “In my village, every night we use kerosene lamps, which are highly prone to fire. It was difficult to study without electricity. That’s why I come up with the idea of a desk that could generate electricity and provide light,” said Agastya. Agastya has attached a dynamo to the wheel of an old sewing machine.

The electricity produced by the dynamo is the result of the sewing machine wheel spinning due to the feet moving the machine’s pedal. The electricity is stored in a 12 volt battery and can then be used to light a lamp on the desk, or to charge a cellphone or other electrical devices.  Agastya said the electricity-generating desk provided health benefits for its user as he had equipped the sewing machine pedal with reflexology sandals.

“Sitting too long is not good for our health because it prevents the blood from circulating all round our body, thus I added the idea of reflexology massage for the desk,” said Agastya, who again, obtained the idea out of his closeness to his 85-year-old grandmother, who has been wearing reflexology sandals for over 25 years. He spent only Rp 400,000 (US$41) to create the electricity-generating desk. Most of the materials used were secondhand items. His teacher, Wayan Ginastra, said that Agastya’s creativity had high potential for further development.

Meanwhile, head of Denpasar Sports, Youth and Education Agency, IGN Eddy Mulya, said that his agency was currently planning the provision of a study center for young researchers in Bali. “We want to give these young researchers the space and opportunity to perform research based on science and technology, which hopefully can be further applied,” said Eddy. Eddy acknowledged that young researchers in Denpasar were currently facing great challenges to their development due to the limited laboratories and lack of equipment suitable for research in their schools.

His agency promised to gradually provide support for these schools. “We will improve the schools’ lab equipment because we don’t want to see these students hampered in developing their creativity because of these limitations,” he said.

source : bali daily

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