W Retreat and Spa Bali gets makeover for 2nd anniversary

W Retreat and Spa Bali, the posh establishment in Seminyak, Kuta, celebrated its 2nd anniversary by, among other things, inviting a prominent American street artist to spray a section of its wall with a colorful juxtaposition of images and words. The anniversary fell on Saturday, but the street artist, Alec Monopoly, had started working on his piece since Tuesday. His medium is a section of the wall nearly 60 square-meters in size near the lobby of the hotel. The dominant color tone in the area is white — white wall, white pillars, white ceiling.

Alec’s pieces are known for wild lines and strikingly bright colors, and would surely provide the area with an aesthetic appeal and visual respite: An eye-catching single painting amid the uniformity offered by an empty white wall. On Tuesday night, Alec started sketching his “painting” on the wall with the help of a projector that cast onto the white space a design Alec had worked on and stored on his laptop. His imagery comprised of two human faces and a human figure. On the left part of the “canvas” Alec drew the face of a woman with eyes wide open and striking eyelashes, while the right part was populated by the sketch of the face of a man with an open mouth.

In the center part of the wall was the figure of the Monopoly Man, the signature icon from which the artist gained his moniker. The character was inspired by Rich Pennybags, the old man in a top hat who serves as the mascot for the game Monopoly. In one of his magazine interviews, Alec revealed that Bernie Madoff, the famous stockbroker turned heinous white-collar criminal, was his first symbol to represent the tanking of the US economy. Alec did a piece on Madoff with monopoly money in the background, which later triggered his interest in experimenting with the Monopoly Man. A man of few words, Alec spent most of the following days completing his graffiti.

This was not his first project with the W. Previously he had also created graffiti for W Retreat Koh Samui in Thailand. When the patrons and invited guests arrived on Saturday night to celebrate the W Retreat and Spa Bali’s 2nd anniversary they were greeted by Alec Monopoly’s fresh wall of graffiti. Its vibrant colors and poignant iconography became a conversational piece that night. One thing is for sure, it brings a new edge, a contemporary feeling and urgency to the establishment. The celebration night saw an exclusive party combining music, design and fashion. One of its highlights involved the famous DJ Sandy Rivera pumping out progressive electro sounds and his fellow New Yorker, Alec Monopoly, doing live graffiti action.

source : bali daily

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