Seawater desalination plant for Nusa Ceningan

The Public Works Ministry and city tap water company PDAM Klungkung are to jointly cooperate in the construction of a seawater desalination plant in Nusa Ceningan islet. “The plant will turn seawater into drinkable water for Nusa Ceningan,” said the director of PDAM Klungkung, Gede Darsana, on Sunday, as quoted by Darsana said that the installation in Nusa Ceningan was expected to solve the clean water problem faced by residents on the islet and the neighboring Lembongan islet.

Both islands are tourism destinations, and thus, he said, clean water infrastructure was urgently required. The ministry planned to support the plant in terms of construction, operational and management costs for the next five years. PDAM Klungkung is expected to acquire 2,000 square meters of land for the plant. Darsana said that the plan had received a positive response from the Nusa Ceningan residents. Meanwhile, the other neighboring island, Nusa Gede, which is also in Nusa Penida district, would continue to receive clean water from the water plant at Guyangan, rather than being connected to the planned installation in Ceningan.

source : bali daily

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