Bali’s textile exports decline

Bali’s export value of textiles and textile products (TTP) decreased by 19.83 percent to US$100.65 million last year from $125.54 million in the previous year. Despite an increase in volume, the value declined because of falling prices, I Ketut Teneng, chief spokesman for the Bali provincial administration said Wednesday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Bali’s TTP export volume reached 45.51 million pieces in 2012, an increase of 3.02 percent from the previous year. TTP contributed 20.89 percent to Bali’s total export revenue of $481.83 million last year. Bali exported 23.44 percent of TTP to the US, 17.75 percent to Australia, 5.51 percent to Japan, 5.35 percent to Singapore, 0.83 percent to the Netherlands, 1.82 percent to Germany and 6.22 percent to Britain.

source : bali daily

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