Warung Made Weti offers appetizing Balinese chicken rice

Don’t expect to get royal treatment or any other privileged services at this small and modest food stall as Warung Made Weti is very well known by its loyal customers. Located on Jl. Segara Ayu in Sanur resort area, Warung Made Weti is famed for its delicious and tasty traditional Balinese chicken rice. Dozens of people already stood in a long line waiting patiently to get their order from the 60-year-old Made Weti, fondly known as Men (mother) Weti. Together with her assistants, Men Weti served the customers one by one with the single dish on the menu — chicken rice.

When you first visit the food stall, you may think Men Weti’s chicken rice is just the same food as that sold in many warung (food stall) all over Bali. But, once you taste it, Men Weti’s chicken rice will change your mind with its delicious taste with very special spices. Serving her customers, Men Weti takes a cup of fragrant white rice from a delicately woven bamboo basket. She then puts spicy shredded chicken on top of the rice and adds a boiled egg, a large variety of vegetables and hot chili sauce, or sambal matah (raw chopped chili with shrimp paste).

Men Weti also receives orders to cook fried fish and pepes ikan, steamed fish stuffed with spices wrapped in a banana leaf. During meal times — breakfast and lunch — people living and working near Sanur rush to Warung Made Weti just to taste her famous chicken rice, priced at around Rp 15,000 (US$1.56) per plate. During weekends, you may be out of luck if you come for lunch. From early in the morning, locals and domestic tourists will have been testing their patience by waiting in a long line for their plates of chicken rice.

The 3×3-meter food stall only has 20 chairs. If you are lucky enough, you can eat at the table. On your bad days, you may end up eating your chicken rice wherever you can. Men Weti’s chicken rice is a favorite food of many local celebrities when they holiday in Bali. On one of the walls, visitors can see a photograph of popular celebrity chef Juna, the host of the TV reality show Master Chef Indonesia. Despite its modesty and simplicity, Men Weti has introduced authentic Balinese traditional chicken rice to the palates of her multiethnic customers. Give it a try. Happy eating!

source : bali daily

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