Surya Dewata Rafting Luxuriating in Waterfall and Tarzan Cave

Wow … how fun it is when enjoying the rafting adventure on the Ayung River, Pangsan Village, Petang Subdistrict, Badung. Under the guidance of Surya Dewata Rafting, we can take water games filled with pleasant creation and fun. Our adrenaline is challenged when passing through the river basin with many rapids. So, you must be ready to get wet sprayed by waterfall among the trees on the cliff. Even, as if our breaths stopped for a while when sliding on such fairly high waterfall.

Among the rafting companies available on Ayung River, Surya Dewata Rafting offers complete facilities and professional services. Starting point is made in the upstream of Ayung River passing the road through Petang Market and then turning right. Having explored the challenging rapids and alluring nature for some 1.5-2 hours, all participants arrive at the finish at Sekar Mukti Hamlet, Pangsan Village. Before coming down to the river, each participant is given the equipment like raft, helmet, life jacket and paddler.

A unit of raft can accommodate four passengers and each is accompanied with a guide. Then, participants are taken to pass through natural steps. On the way, we can see cacao, coffee and snakefruit plants at the surroundings. When arriving on the river, we are presented with the natural beauty of the river. Meanwhile, a small waterfall rippling will tease us to take pictures. After exploring the river along some 200 meters, we are invited to stop for a while to play sliding rock.

Then, in the next 200 meters, we encounter another large waterfall. Participants are given the opportunity to swim or to be showered by the waterfall. At this location, we can swim as much as we like. After that, we must get ready to do jumping with a height of 2 meters and then followed by another with the height of 1.5 meters. This river is indeed slightly slope and clean, so that on the way we can practice swimming.

In the midst of cool atmosphere and among the branches of trees, we can observe some inhabitants of the river looking for food. Among them, there are monkeys, birds, dragonflies, and other animals. Well, an hour later all participants should take a short break to visit the Tarzan Cave, a hideaway used during the Japanese occupation. It is a very attractive for the background of our snapshots because inside the cave lies a hot water exuding from the cliff.

After traveling along 0.5 meters, it is time for us to reach the finish point. Ultimately, participants should climb the traditional steps of about 250 meters and resume the journey by riding the escalator in the form of carriage. When arriving at the top, participants get a mineral water and toiletries such as towels, shampoo and soap. After getting fresh, participants are invited to have buffet lunch with a variety of menus such as white rice, fried rice, fried chicken, chicken satay, fried tofu, soy sauce, shrimp, crackers and soup.

For those who want to see the ancient gamelan, Barong Landung and other dance accessories, they can be seen in a separate room. Another intriguing attraction is to have sightseeing to local traditional house compound while watching the activities of local residents.

source : bali travel news

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