Beautiful Sokasi Basket in Batik Style

Handicraft products of Balinese community like sokasi or bamboo basket for offerings usually upheld by Balinese women to temple designed in batik motive has its own charms. Of course, it also attracts the interest of many foreign tourists. Indeed, the Sokasi in batik motive is different from several existing batik motives. Therefore, it is not only hunted by the Hindus in Bali, but also by foreign tourists spending holidays in Bali. It is not only purchased by local residents, but foreign tourists are also interested to collect it, especially tourists from Japan and Europe such as Italy,  said Kamiyanti, a trader of sokasi of batik style on the second floor of Badung Market.

According to this woman, foreign tourists were also interested to collect the handicraft product because of the uniqueness and it was not second to none. The shape was unlike the plaited sokasi in general. The difference lies in the finishing process of the batik, said Kamiyanti. Similar opinion was also given by Pujiantini, another trader of ritual paraphernalia at the same location. According to Pujiantini, the making process of sokasi in batik style was decorated by means of small dipper as in the making of batik clothes. To beautify the result of batik, sokasi basket was then dyeing into natural dyes. According to the trader, the sokasi basket in batik style was brought in from handicraft center in Bangli.

High demand of local markets and foreign tourists made her to order every week up to tens of pieces. Pujiantini said that domestic tourists from outside Bali who happened to spend holiday in Bali also purchased sokasi basket of batik style as a display in the living room or family room and even some purchased it for resale after arriving at home. She admitted to have encountered many sokasi products in some regions in Bali other than in Bangli such as in Gianyar Regency and Denpasar. However, it did not matter because each had its own market share. The price for a piece of this sokasi basket varied ranging from IDR 45,000 to IDR 80,000.

source : bali travel news

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