Nyepi at Sanih Customary Village

Coinciding with the Tilem Katiga or black moon of the third month in Balinese calendar, the Yeh Sanih Customary Village was celebrating the Day of Silence or Nyepi. Like the Nyepi celebration on the first date of the tenth month (Kadasa 1) organized by the Hindus in Bali, the Day of Silence at Sanih Customary Village was also filled with a number of abstinences such as amati lelungan (no traveling), amati lelanguan (no entertainment), amati geni (no fire/light) and amati karya (no working). It happened on Sunday (Aug 28).

If it falls on a weekday, all school children, civil servants and private employees at the village will be given a dispensation letter by the Chief of Customary Village. It is a kind of permit letter so that civil servants are allowed not to work by their superior, private employees are allowed not to work by the management and school children are allowed not to attend school by their headmaster. During the Nyepi celebration, people are not allowed to go out of the village area.

If before Nyepi feast day people have gone out of the village, they are not permitted to enter the village during the Nyepi Day. Even, a citizen of Yeh Sanih who is a personnel of the National Armed Forces on duty in Sumatra was about to return home to his village. Since his arrival coincided with the Nyepi Day, he was not allowed to enter the village. Our residents are first asked to stay in guest house near Singaraja, or in the area close to Yeh Sanih, said a pecalang (customary security officer) who was in charge at Air Sanih swimming pool last Sunday.

The somewhat crowded territory at Air Sanih Village was around the road section of Singaraja- Amlapura. Although shops and business premises along the roadside were closed, vehicles were still allowed to pass through the highway. If the highway was closed, it would definitely have an impact on the transportation connecting the inter-regency and inter-provincial lanes. Meanwhile, the Air Sanih swimming pool on the roadside of Singaraja-Amlapura remained closed. Many tourists and residents from outside Yeh Sanih who wanted to swim should return home because they were not allowed to come in.

Chief of Yeh Sanih Customary Village, Jro Made Sukresna, accompanied by Made Bawa serving as the operator of Yeh Sanih bath said that such Nyepi tradition was held regularly every two years right on the black moon in the third month of Balinese calendar. The Day of Silence was held before the implementation of grandiose temple anniversary in the trinity temples of Yeh Sanih. Nyepi procession was commenced by conducting Tawur Agung ritual in the central junction of Yeh Sanih Village, Saturday (Aug 27). The procession was then resumed with pengrupukan attended by all local customary villagers. Its function was not far different from the Day of Silence in general.

According to Bawa, the Nyepi tradition on the black moon in the third month of Balinese calendar was indeed a tradition from generation to generation carried out each year before the implementation of grandiose temple anniversary or piodalan agung at the local trinity temples. In other words, within a year the village held Nyepi festivity for two times because one day after the black moon in the ninth month local residents also performed abstinences as Hindu devotees at other customary villages in Bali.

source : balitravelnews

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