Joged Gandrangan Revives from Dormancy

ASIDE from Joged Bumbung, the 33rd Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2011 was also jazzed up with Joged Gandrangan from Pengotan Customary Village, Bangli Regency. The classical Joged Bumbung Dance made its performance at Angsoka Stage, Bali Art Center, Thursday (Jun 30). Interestingly, maestro of Joged Gandrangan dance came to entertain the community. Dadong Belong, a dancer of Joged Gandrangan in the era of 1940s, made a performance with gusto.

The role of Dadong Belong whose real name is Nengah Sisi together with Nang Rai and Nang Salin aka De Sinom was very important in reviving the Joged Gandrangan at Pengotan. Joged Gandrangan existing in 1940s had been dormant for nearly 50 years. Driven by initiative of Pengotan young generation, Joged Gandrangan that almost left only a name, attempted to be resurrected or reconstructed.

Struggle to reconstruct the Joged Gandrangan is not easy due to limited resource. Fortunately, there are three dancers of Joged Gandrangan left. Due to their support, this classical Joged Gandrangan could be rebuilt and presented in BAF 2011. According to Ketut Suarna, apparatus of customary village, Joged Gandrangan at Pengotan had existed since 1940s. It was very loved by the public because it was a cheap entertainment.

On those days, the troupe of Joged Gandrangan also frequently made a gallivanting show or Ngelawang. They staged from one place to another when people were willing to pay them.  However, in the 1960s until the occurrence of natural disasters such as eruption of Mount Agung, the fate of Joged Gandrangan was not as bright as ever before, in keeping with the impact of Mount Agung eruption that was also felt by community to Pengotan Village. Sand rain of cow’s knee-high had dispelled the hopes of local farmers.

Farmers were unable to grow crops which automatically also paralyzed the local economy. Along with that, Joged Gandrangan at Pengotan also drowned. The remaining three perpetrators of Joged Gandrangan have now been old, such as Dadong Belong as joged dancer, Nang Rai as choreographer and Nang Salin as composer of gamelan music. Unlike Joged Dance in general, dancers of Joged Gandrangan did not point out the pengibing (spectator invited to join the dance together).

Those who were interested to join the dance came onto the stage, joined the Joged Dance in harmony with the music. In dancing, pengibing is expected not to perform the dance beyond standard movement causing a negative connotation. Joged Gandrangan is a simple dance, unlike Joged Bumbung dance in general that has spread today in various forms of creations. Importantly, the Joged Gandrangan could have been saved from extinction, getting up from its long dormancy namely for 50 years.

source : balitravelnews

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