Karangasem Got PNS Moratorium

Civil servants expenditure costing civil servant’ wage and subsidies on Karangasem Region Revenue as it reaches up 50%. It is wasting 67% of total revenue. This reason closed civil servant necessity according to central government rule. Karangasem is not allowed to receive civil servants until 2014.

It is delivered by the Head of Region Staffing (BKD) Karangasem, Drs. Wayan Miasa yesterday (13/9). He said central government rule established at least half of region revenue for civil servants expenditure. According to him, his side was proposed new civil servants to replenish the lack of teacher and other staffs due to many of them are retired. There is no civil servants acceptance this year due to Karangasem got Civil Servants (PNS) Moratorium, said Miasa.

News by Bali Post

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