Kerthagosa Festival: Highlighting Historical Passage of Klungkung

A number of kids looked good at playing Balinese traditional gamelan music in combination with the modern ones. Meanwhile, female teenagers were dancing gracefully and male teenagers were creatively playing the bleganjur gamelan musical instruments. Their parents did not want to be left behind, with half his breath they consistently looked energetic to participate in the gamelan music presentation. It is a brief description on spirit of the artists of Klungkung Regency in joining a series of Cultural Parade in conjunction with the Kerthagosa Festival on Thursday (Aug 18).

The Cultural Parade first held by Klungkung Government was attended by representatives of each subdistrict and school highlighting diverse themes. Participants of the parade were released in the Puputan Klungkung Square then moved toward the City Square of Klungkung. The Regent of Klungkung, I Wayan Candra, Chairman of Klungkung House and King of Dalem Semara Putra along with invitees were looking so fascinated to see the young generations of Klungkung that deeply involved in their culture.

Indeed, the parade started off at 3:00 p.m. Local Time was really a venue to show off the creativities of the artists from the Serombotan (assorted salads with spicy sauce) region. Appearance of each participant was well arranged so that they became an interesting art spectacle. Each participant showed off their best artistic creativity by performing a display in front of the stage of honor. The themes featured were also diverse, but more troupes recounted about the history of Klungkung, Ramayana and Mahabharata epic as well as popular folklores in Bali.

The attires in use looked so beautiful and elegant. As consequence, they could draw every single spectator.  Endek cloth, artificial flowers, typical songket cloth of Klungkung jazzed up the appearance of each participant. However, the costumes had been nicely adapted to the needs of respective theme featured. Since they are showed on stage, all compositions should be arranged properly, said Cok Nala, one of the committee members of the cultural parade.

It was commenced from the agility of Korsik Drum Band, a marching band group of Klungkung Government and then followed by the appearance of Pembina Kumara Kindergarten of Klungkung. Each subdistrict displayed their respective typical arts. Sequence of the cultural parade were from the subdistrict of Nusa Penida, Dawan, Klungkung, Banjarangkan and ended by the participation of students of the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) of Denpasar featuring the body painting.

Head of Klungkung Cultural and Tourism Agency, I Nengah Wijana, in the sidelines of the event said that such activity was intended to further discover the regeneration and echo the tourism potential of Klungkung Regency through presentation of the art and cultural event featuring the representatives from each subdistrict throughout Klungkung Regency.  This parade is just an initial measure, on the following day will be resumed with the culmination in the form of Kerthagosa Festival, he said.

source : balitravelnews

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