Saraswati Ceremony

Saraswati Day is celebrated at the very last day of the Balinese Pawukon calendar, being the Saturday of its last week, Watugunung. Dewi Saraswati is generally referred to as Goddess of ‘Science & Knowledge’. Dewi Saraswati is the female counter-part of the Balinese god Dewa Brahma, the manifestation of the Almighty Saraswati Day 1Infinite Spirit as the Creator.

The spiritual symbolism of Saraswati
The materialistic world views that dominate the modern world we live in, have caused considerable mis – interpretations of the religious symbols found in Balinese Hinduism. The main reason for this is a general loss of the ability to think in ‘parallels’, to communicate in symbols and analogies. Instead, modern man tends to interprete most religious symbols literally.

Nowadays the Knowledge/Science symbolized by Saraswati is generally interpreted as pure secular, scientific knowledge; at libraries offerings are made for books and other important written materials, such as the lontar; books and (written) language are seen as the vessels of secular, scientific knowledge. At the schools and universities the students pray for success with their studies.

During Saraswati Day it is not allowed to read, which can be compared with our ‘one minute silence’, in honor of the ‘gift’ of books and language which enables mankind to pass on the scientific knowledge that leads to secular success. In itself these ‘modern’ interpretations do no harm as far as the importance of secular, scientific knowledge for the education and development of the worldy carreer of the individual is concerned.

However the loss of the original interpretation of the religious symbols, their actual meaning, does serious harm to the spiritual development of the Balinese as an individual, and to the spiritual progress of the Balinese as a people. And since the spiritual symbolism is universal, loss of spiritual consciousness concerns not only the Balinese but all of mankind, as individuals as well as a race.

Unfortunately, the true Knowledge of Saraswati, the knowledge of the mathematical science that defines the octaves of existence, and which rules and controls the cycles of life of all manifestations (also referred to as sacred geometry), and which enables mankind to be a true Master of his life, is not teached in our schools and universities, nor is it teached by our religious leaders.

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